Super Bowl LIII Preview

February 1, 2019

Cathal, Ciarán and Seán break down every aspect of Super Bowl LIII between the New England Patriots and the LA Rams. Seán owns Mark Barron with facts and logic, Ciarán hypes up Brightspace, and Cathal steers the boat.


Pro Bowl Preview x Billy McFarland

January 24, 2019

The biggest date on the NFL calendar is fast approaching, and we've got it covered from all angles. That's right: the 2019 Pro Bowl takes place this Sunday and we're here to dissect everything from the officiating crew to long snappers. Cathal, Ciarán and Seán also recap a phenomenal Championship Sunday, and finish the show by discussing the Fyre Festival fiasco and how it raises some concerns for Ciarán's future entrepreneurial endeavours.


Conference Championship Sunday Preview

January 19, 2019

Cathal, Ciarán and Jack preview this Sunday's two scintillating Conference Championship matchups - Rams @ Saints and Patriots @ Chiefs. All this while attempting to conceal their deep hatred for the Patriots. Not too sure how successful we were with that...


Divisional Round Preview - The Foles Fappening

January 11, 2019

Cathal, Ciarán and Seán break down the recent coaching hires, and preview a meaty Divisional Round weekend. Ciarán passionately calls for John Elway's job, Seán plots to hack Nick Foles' cloud to unleash the Foles Fappening, while Cathal attempts to reign in the excessive banter and keep a lid on things.


Wild Card Weekend Preview - Lamar Miller 4 MVP

January 3, 2019

It's the most wonderful time of the year - the beginning of the NFL playoffs. Cathal, Ciarán and Seán lash into the Wild Card Weekend slate. Ciarán provides some money-making bets with Eric Ebron, Tarik Cohen and Lamar Miller (the holy trinity), Cathal roasts the lowly Cowboys and Seán is present.


Black Monday Lit Takes

January 1, 2019


Cathal and Ciarán offer some instant reaction to the numerous head coach firings that took place on Black Monday. It will come as a surprise to approximately no one that the end of the Marvin Lewis era is celebrated triumphantly by the Cover Zero crew. We also discuss the hiring of the magnificent Mike Mayock as the Raiders GM. All this while keeping an eye on multiple college bowl games during the pod.


Week 17 Preview - Swaggy Johnson

December 29, 2018

In a rare occurrence, we've got a full crew in house for our Week 17 preview pod. Cathal, Jack, Ciarán and Seán chop up all sixteen of this Sunday's matchups, and dissect the multitude of playoff and seeding implications in excruciating detail. We finish up the show by discussing the gameplan regarding our Zinger selection now that the competition is firmly in the bag.


Week 15 Preview - Riding Solo

December 14, 2018

If you crave the dulcet tones of Seán, Jack and Ciarán, unfortunately this may not be the show for you. If you have a disturbing level of affection for Cathal, smash that download button. On this week's pod, Cathal recaps an electric Thursday night football clash between the Chargers and Chiefs, before breaking down every Week 15 game. All this while writing about himself in the third person.


Week 14 Preview - Talking Pure Shop

December 7, 2018

Cathal, Ciarán & Seán leave all dull formalities aside and truly shoot the shit about football for 90 minutes. As well as a tasty preview of every Week 14 game, listeners will be treated to an aural tour of Ciarán's home and a deep dive into the utility of hashtags.


Week 13 Preview - Phil ‘Infidelity’ Rivers

November 30, 2018

Cathal and Seán chop up one of the meatiest slate of games we've had in a long time. Among the bizarre topics we dive into: Nick Chubb's potential as an offensive playcaller, Colts' RB coach Tom Rathman's prioritisation of ball security over his faith, and Phil Rivers letting loose in downtown Pittsburgh on a Sunday night.

(4:26) Week 12 awards

(14:21) 1pm games

(45:47) Fantasy fallout

(51:21) Late afternoon games

(1:01:51) Primetime games

(1:08:47) Zingers